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Archer Illustrations is the brand name for creations made by Ellen Archer.

Ellen is a British illustrator, known for cel-shading and dynamic lining style in her artworks. She is constantly creating artworks and stories in her free time, which she intends to publish both here on her website and in physical copies once they are completed.

Archer used to draw as a child but only started wanting to pursue her hobby further at age 16 when her GCSE art teacher helped her realise her potential and got her to consider going into higher education for art and design. Before this time, Ellen had been greatly considering becoming a surgeon, but the two halves clashed and art eventually won.

Since then she studied a degree in Digital Illustration at Carmarthen School of Art. With the help of incredibly supportive and insightful tutors, she has firmly solidified her dream to become a graphic novelist and freelance illustrator.

My Story


My mission is to be able to provide for my small family - me, my partner and our cats - while using my creativity, passion, and love for storytelling through illustration.

I hope to someday have a bookshelf filled with my stories, and grow an audience that loves and cherishes my characters and ideas as much as I do.



To create her prints and items in her shop, Ellen uses help from both Printful and Printify. Two print on demand (P.O.D) websites that take care of everything from printing to shipping. They have integration options with many different websites.

When she finally finishes a book, Ellen will be using IngramSpark to help her publish physical copies of her books to online suppliers world wide.



Official imagery:

Logo - Submark - Self Portrait - Banner

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